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David Foster


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Our mission

We started Applied Data Science for companies that thought data science was out of their reach. There's a myth that you need a huge budget and a team with a very niche skillset, before you can start doing data science. That's simply not true.

We make Data Science and Advanced Analytics accessible to every business.

How We Work

We keep our proposition simple - in fact, there are just two things you need to know about us:

We aren’t just a consultancy. Sure, we can advise you on your analytics strategy (we’ve set up analytics teams domestically and offshore) but day-to-day we are about delivering solutions, be it a customer segmentation, a model that predicts if your users will prefer product A or product B or a visualisation tool that allows you to interpret and improve key user journeys through your website.

Data Security

Trusting another company with your data isn't easy, and nor should it be. It's your biggest asset, and if handled incorrectly one of your biggest potential liabilities. Where possible, we avoid taking data offsite and if it is necessary to do so, we transfer the data via a secure protocol to our UK based servers. All access to our systems and data stores is behind a secure VPN.

Fee Structure

Our services can be engaged on either a fixed project basis with mutually agreed deliverables and timescales, or on a daily rate basis with a sliding scale of reduced rates for progressively longer engagements. Success fees can be aligned to business objectives that the engagement directly influences.


Just starting out or looking to develop your career as a data scientist, web analyst or analytics generalist? Head over to our careers page to find out more about our company values and any active roles.

Best, The Applied Data Science Team


If you're a business that wants to do more with your data, we'd love to hear from you.