Attribution Modelling

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The problem

You run a multi-channel marketing strategy but struggle to assess the impact of each stream, as attribution is subjective and not quantifiable.

How can you build a robust marketing attribution model such that the sum of the parts equals the whole?

The solution

Our attribution modelling framework ensures that there's no inconsistencies in the way you report marketing return on investment, by linking your clickstream data to your source of truth for revenue.

The model apportions revenue to each channel according to a well defined system of rules such as last click, positional or time-decay models.

We also deploy more advanced techniques to derive the impact of each channel through presence or absence of each touch point in journeys to payment.


Clickstream data
Transactional data
Marketing spend data


1. A model that dynamically assesses the impact and return on investment of each of your marketing channels

2. An analysis of where to optimally commit future marketing spend, based on the output from the model and the primary goal of the marketing activity (e.g. brand awareness, visits, lifetime value)

3. An interactive dashboard that allows you to track the attribution model over time and test scenarios for increased / reduced spend per channel to supporting ongoing buying strategy.


You'll be able to identify how to apportion your marketing spend between channels and and assess exactly how each stream contributes to the bottom line.

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