Eliminate manual inefficiencies

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The problem

If your finance, marketing or sales teams spend hours manually completing repetitive tasks in Excel, chances are it can be automated

How can you reliably hand over tasks to a machine, so your teams can spend their time on the true value-add work?

The solution

We understand how to eliminate unnecessary manual steps from your workflow and automate a variety of common business tasks such as reporting and database scheduling

You'll be surprised how many of your business-as-usual processes can be completely automated, thus saving you time and ultimately making your employees happier and more productive

Instead of spending time conducting manual processes in Excel or running SQL scripts, you staff will be free to come up with the ideas that are going to make your business more profitable


Any process that is currently conducted manually


1. Scripts that automate repetitive tasks

2. Log files and emails sent to stakeholders to show the completion status of each process

3. Recommendation on tools to invest in to further reduce manual inefficiencies


Happier staff, less human error and a more efficient workforce

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