Churn Prediction

Predict and prevent users from leaving

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The problem

Sometimes, customers decide to leave - it's a problem every business must face.

Can you prevent this from happening, by predicting the intention and intervening before it's too late?

The solution

With our customer churn predictor, you can be one step ahead of the game

The model finds the key variables that indicate a customer is about to stop using your product or service and use these to generate a personalised risk score

High scores are flagged along with an automatically generated explanation of why the user has been flagged as 'at-risk', allowing you to take action before the customer leaves your service


Customer behaviour data
(e.g. Clickstream / usage / transactional data)


1. Scripts that automatically collate and transform customer data from relevant sources, ready to be used as input to train your churn predictor

2. A machine learning model that predicts which customers will no longer be with you in the near future, unless preventative action is taken. The model is fully transparent and outputs a report highlighting the reasons why high risk scores were given and recommended action

3. Analysis of long-term strategies and initiatives that could help to alleviate customer churn,


By using the model to identify at-risk customers early, a proportion of your churn can be averted by taking preventative action, thus increasing long term revenue.

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