Logistics Optimisation

Optimal supply chain solutions

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The problem

Your business operates across several counties, countries or continents and you need a supply chain and transportation network that's as slick as your product.

How can you ensure your product gets from A to B as efficiently as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays and costs?

The solution

We build a model of your supply chain operation and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are costing you time and money.

We set up the variables, parameters and constraints for the model and use mathematical optimisation techniques to find the optimal solution that ensures your supply chain has maximal throughput whilst ensuring it is robust to external factors.

We develop the model iteratively so that the model becomes continually more refined throughout the project and work with you to understand business rules that influence the feasibility of solutions.


Your current supply chain business rules
Parameter values and constraints
Logs of historical supply chain events (e.g. shipments, deliveries)


1. A model of your supply chain that incorporates transportation parameters, constraints and business rules.

2. A simulated run of your historical shipping and delivery data through the model to verify that the model accurately captures the reality of your supply chain operation.

3. An algorithm that outputs a optimised feasible solution to your supply chain organisation to minimise a given metric (e.g. average delivery time) and respect the constraints built into the model.


Your supply chain solution and transportation network will be optimal, ensuring your product and your customer are united in the most efficient way possible.

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