Price Optimisation

Value-based, dynamic pricing

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The problem

Pricing - too high and you stifle growth, too low and the value in your product or service is destroyed.

How can you determine the perfect pricing and discounting strategy, that builds customer loyalty whilst maximising long-term profit?

The solution

Our pricing algorithm automatically analyses your sales and discounting history to determine areas of your offering where the price isn't reflecting the true value of the product or service.

We build you a pricing and discounting strategy that incorporates the latest ideas from behavioural economics and dynamically finds optimal price points and appropriate discount levels, even if your pricing has been static for years.

Our techniques are applicable to both B2B and B2C markets and can be built into your existing pricing process or software.


Transactional data
Pricing changes over time
Product metadata
Customer metadata


1. A value-based dynamic pricing model that outputs optimal price points at the level of granularity required (e.g. tailored to the customer if necessary)

2. A discounting model that suggests appropriate levels of discount to offer to maximise long-term gain, given the customer and product.

3. Integration of the models into your website or pricing software, either on a automatic or manual basis, and set up of monitoring dashboards


Your pricing will reflect the true value of your offering and your discounting will be fully under control.

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