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The problem

Your business has a Google Analytics subscription but you're not sure how to use the information to your advantage.

How can you make your web analytics suite a revenue generator for your business, rather than simply a reporting tool?

The solution

The Google Analytics interface can answer basic questions on how users are interacting with your site, but we extract and use the raw data to surface insights about user behaviour that were previously hidden.

Using the raw data, we build predictive models that allow you to predict customer churn, segment users by behaviour and identify pages that aren't helping to convert users.

We also work with your product and marketing teams to define and build the web KPIs and key metrics that will guide the development of your site to generate additional value for your business.


Clickstream data from your website or app
(e.g Google Analytics / GA360 / Mixpanel raw data)


1. Full setup of Google Analytics or equivalent web analytics tool, including conversion funnels, page flow reporting, A/B testing, customised attribution models and integrations with 3rd party tools (e.g. Optimizely, Doubleclick, AdWords)

2. Build custom dimensions and scripts to extract hit-level data into your data warehouse

3. Predictive models built on top of this raw data that provide measurable value (e.g. churn prediction, behavioural segmentation, funnel analysis)


Your web analytics tool will be transformed from a reporting suite to a platform for models that actively generate revenue

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